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Pneumatic Actuator - Single Acting

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  • South Korea South Korea
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*Design and Construction

  • Automa actuator is designed for rotary type valve.
  • Automa provides various size of actuator, including heavy- duty actuator, to meet the customer's needs.
  • Automa is compliance with NAMUR and ISO Standard which enable us to fit with Valves and Accessories easily and simply.
  • Automa is specialized in providing a wide range of industrial solutions such as petrochemical, power generation, atomic power plant, steel mill, shipyard, refining, wastewater disposal, automation facilities and building air conditioner.



  • operating Pressure Range

               Double Acting : 4~7kg/cm²

               Single Acting : 4.5~7kg/cm²


  •  Operating Temperature Range

               Standard : -20 °C ~ 80 °C

               Option : -40 °C ~ 200 °C


  • Cycle Life
               1,300,000 Operating


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